At Amazing Souls Home Care we are dedicated to maintaining high standards of ethical behavior, accountability, and compliance with laws and regulations. We have established a Compliance Program that includes guidelines and assigns responsibilities for controls and procedures that promote appropriate organizational behavior.

Our program is based on several key elements, including written policies and procedures, a designated Compliance Manager and Compliance Committee, training and education, effective communication channels, internal auditing and monitoring, and enforcement guidelines.

The success of our program depends on the active involvement of our Board of Directors and senior management, as well as the support and participation of all employees.

The Compliance Coordinator oversees the program and works to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and adherence to our code of conduct and ethics.

Amazing Souls has implemented a Compliance Program that is built on several key pillars to ensure consistent and proper organizational behavior.

  • These pillars include written policies and procedures, as well as standards of conduct, to guide employees and other stakeholders in understanding and adhering to regulatory requirements and ethical principles.
  • The program also includes a designated Compliance Manager and Compliance Committee, responsible for overseeing the program and ensuring compliance across the organization.
  • To promote effective compliance, the program also includes training and education to inform employees of their responsibilities, as well as effective lines of communication to facilitate compliance and address any issues that may arise.
  • Additionally, internal auditing and monitoring are implemented to ensure compliance, and enforcement and disciplinary guidelines are well-publicized to ensure accountability.
  • The program also includes a prompt response and corrective action plan in order to detect and address issues as soon as they arise.

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